Humans Are Animals But Animals Are Not Human


It appears that there is a lack of understanding and extra than a couple of misconceptions when it comes to the topic of animals. This post will talk about some of these misconceptions and the realizations that we want to make if we are to stay away from deaths and animal attacks. The challenge appears to lie in our misconceptions that animals are driven by feelings rather than by pure survival instincts. This causes us to attribute an animal attack to the human emotion of anger or revenge. I know that all folks do not hold these misconceptions, which would be presumptuous. What I am saying is that a majority of folks do, just primarily based upon the proof. The proof I refer to incorporates tv shows on Discovery, Animal Planet, TNT, and so on. It also incorporates the news media, and even Academia. Once again, some shows are guiltier than other individuals, but the fallacies variety from the little to the absurd.

The major point the reader requirements to take from this post is that animals are animals, driven by simple instincts needed for their survival. They do not really feel anger, jealousy, like, or plot revenge. Even though some animals may perhaps include the capacity for these feelings, I doubt these senses are as hugely created or reasoned via as ours appear to be. So, when we try to attribute human feelings to animal motivations we are creating a silly error. We want only attempt to appear at the circumstance from the animal’s point of view. This should not be tough, due to the fact we have the capability to purpose. We want only try to return to a state of thoughts that we have not had due to the fact we rubbed sticks with each other and drew on cave walls.

The Major Difficulties:

The tree hugger is as a lot to blame as the hunter. When a nature lover is attacked brutally by an animal and survives they typically make the statement “It did not know what it was performing”. This is not correct. The animal knew complete properly what it was performing. They would also make the claim that they really should not have place themselves in that circumstance. That statement truly is correct, to an extent. When we venture out into nature we can not count on that we will not be attacked by a wild animal. What we will have to count on is that there is a possibility, and we will have to accept duty for this if we are going into the woods anyways.